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Philosophy Essay Examples

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How Personal Can Ethics Get

Abstract This paper is about the case study, “How Personal Can ethics Get”. This paper discusses the dilemmas that Valerie Young has to face at her Chicago based fragrance employer named Wisson. Secondly, I will discuss what I would do if I were in the same dilemma as Valerie. Next, it discusses how personal differences…

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Materialism

Greek Philosophy: materislistic approach of the presocratics advantages and disadvantages The advantages and disadvantages of the materialistic approach of the pre Socratic philosophers. Please support your points by referring to the texts in Kirk and Raven, and discuss at least three philosophers . The pre Socratic philosophers marked an epoch in human ideas. Although it…

Eastern and Western Philosophy Comparison

Philosophy has divided into two separate categories, the Eastern philosophy, and Western Philosophy. The Eastern philosophies are mainly consists of the Asian philosophies such as: the Hinduism and Buddhism in India (McGraw & Hill, 2008). Taoism, Confucianism, and Ch’an Buddhism in China, and Zen Buddhism and Samurai tradition in Japan (McGraw & Hill 2008). The…



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Confucius’ Social and Political Philosophy

These days we are focusing on the topics of Confucius’ social and political philosophy. After finishing readings of this section, I would like to give reflections that mainly about Confucius’ view on governing and analyze the traditional culture and administration of our country. This essay will present my opinions about the merits and demerits of…

Personal philosophy of success

I think a personal philosophy of success should be a hope or dream to both people who want to achieve a dream in the future and to people who hasn’t achieved their dream in life. For instance, someone has many degrees of higher education; but has the need to want a higher degree; so his/her…

Managing for Organizational Integrity

This article by Lynn Sharp Paine addresses the necessary and often overlooked relationship between business management and ethics. With most managers focused on bottom line results, the concept of ethics is often lost in rushed daily decisions or is not considered at all. But as the article suggests, a clear commitment to integrity-based management can…

Ethics During Change

As society has seen over the last few decades, ethics had not been at the forefront of organizational decision-making and change processes as it should have been. Unfortunately because of the actions or lack of actions by the few, many lives have been devastated and society’s view of corporate organizations has been severely damaged. Between…

Ethics in Public Relations

Nowadays, Public Relations is one of the fastest-growing fields of professional employment worldwide. The public relation profession is constantly having to adapt to the needs of society through which different people and different organizations from different countries form a variety of definitions. For this reason, the number of ethical dilemmas in public relations continues to…

Professional Development Plan

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to review and discuss state licensure and certification requirements for the professional practice of psychology. It will address the different occupations within psychology that are regulated by state licensure and certification; the specific requirements for a master’s and doctoral level clinician; intended emphasis area, interested in this area;…

Ethics: Review Questions

1. Why do we study ethics? Morality or ethics is one of the main subjects of philosophy, which focuses on the morality of human society. Delineate what is right and what is wrong. If it is easy to explain what ethics means to be separated from the good from the bad, why we should learn…

Unethical Behavior

As professionals, we have an individual opportunity and a standard of responsibility to be committed to the standards of quality of ethical and moral standards in the workplace. Employees having a high ethical standard are paramount to the success of any organization and acting in an unethical manner will almost ultimately destroy it. This essay…

My Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy is defined as the study of the basic principles and concepts of a particular branch of knowledge; embracing and seeking wisdom through reason and the logical presentation of ideas. This concept, I believe, is to strip an idea down to its fundamental basis or theory, analyzing cause rather than effect, then through investigation and…

The influence of the Enlightenment on French Culture

How did the enlightenment influence French society? What was the role of the philosophers? The enlightenment influenced French society in many aspects, it gave way to new world views and ideas that brought church and science together. It was responsible for bringing the scientific revolution to the political and cultural fields. The introduction of the…

Euthanasia: The merciful alternative

“There is a time to be born and a time to die… a time to kill and a time to heal… a time to search and a time to give up.”(Ecclesiastes 3:2a, 3a, 6a) Euthanasia enthusiasts would agree with this quote. Euthanasia is a word that can be defined as the intentional termination of life…

Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism

Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism are the three main philosophies of the Chinese people. They have been the most influential and widely taught philosophies of the Chinese for many centuries. This essay will reveal the history of each philosophy’s origin, and will reveal the main characteristics of each respected area. Confucianism began as the thoughts and…

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