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Patient Essay Examples

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Pathogenesis of Fluid Volume Excess in an Acute Exacerbation Chronic Heart Failure Patient

Heart failure is a clinical syndrome of decreased tolerance and fluid retention due to structural heart disease. Despite much advancement in treatment of the treatment of heart failure, there still exists a high annual mortality. In normal situations, an increase in total blood volume results in an increase in renal levels of sodium and water…

Challenging depression: The go-to guide for clinicians and patients

Dealing with depression Introduction             As a result of high rate of depression in the community, researchers wanted to find out how this depression can be reduced. To start it up he described depression as a resultant effect of physical stress. Many suggestions to deal with this subject were put forward thus making the researcher…

How to Quit Smoking: Helping Patients Kick the Habit

Quitting smoking Introduction             Smoking is an addictive behavior where an individual forms an uncontainable reliance on cigarettes to the point where quitting smoking becomes a problem. Cigarettes contain nicotine that is usually addictive. Nicotine craving can be very intense to the extent that people may find it hard to quit using just their willpower….



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Does Doctor-Patient Communication Affect Patient Satisfaction with Hospital Care?

The results from the study show that most of the patients are served within five minutes upon their arrival at the hospital. Taking an overview look on the results, it emerges that medical personnel in Netherlands serve their patients faster than their counterparts in Saudi Arabia. However, it is discouraging to find out that the…

My Future Job

Do you like the thrill of working in the hospital’s emergency department? Maybe you prefer the calmer and less stressful settings of a medical clinic. One thing we all must choose upon graduating is the work place we would like to see ourselves in. For me, I would like to work in a medical clinic…

Patient Risk

This example of a reflective essay is presented in association with Price, B and Harrington, A (2013) Critical Thinking and Writing for Nursing Students, London, Learning Matters. Readers are introduced to the process of critical and reflective thinking and the translation of these into coursework that will help them to achieve better grades in nursing…

Employee Recognition and Reward Program

Abstract I believe that a robust employee recognition program can/will increase employee satisfaction and increase the organization’s customer service rating. In the past, employees were recognized according to their section leadership. Some were recognized and others were not. Since the implementation of the group wide recognition program, I believe the employees are happier. I will…

Diagnosis of an Infected Patient Essay

As we know bacteria comes in various classes and are distinguished by their shapes, chemical configuration, source of energy either sunlight or chemicals, nutritional requisites and biochemical actions. We have a patient that may be infected with an unknown bacterial infection; we’ve collected a sputum sample and will be testing for one of the following…

Being a Nurse Is More Than a Job, It’s a Treasure

To me, being a nurse is far more than a job or even a career. It’s an adventure, a continuous learning process that I embark on bravely each day, in search of life changing events and miracles. Touching the lives of others is a treasure chest overflowing with metaphorical gold, whether the help I provide…

Patient-centred care is a fundamental issue

There are many issues associated with the transition from graduate registered nurse into practicing registered nurse. Recent studies have found the phase to be a stressful period for many graduates the main challenges were fitting into social groups, delegation, hostility and patient-centred care (Rush et al, 2013); (Feng & Tsai 2012). However, research has shown…

Should Physician Assisted Suicide be legal?

When we think about the idea of physician- assisted suicide, we most likely feel as though that the act itself should be considered murder. During 1997, The President at the time Bill Clinton signed into regulations “The assisted suicide funding restriction act”. The regulation omitted the use of federal monies to pay for physician assisted…

Facility Planning

This paper will discuss Virtua’s new ambulatory care clinic in Voorhees, N.J. It will features a surgical center for same-day surgery, cancer center, women’s imaging center, sleep center, diagnostic services and physician’s offices. This new state of the art master will have its unveiling in the spring of May 2012. This new ambulatory center is…

AIDS and Needles

Becton Dickinson, one of the largest manufacturers of medical supplies, dominates the US market in disposable syringes and needles. In 2005, a nurse, Maryann Rockwood (a fictional name), used a Becton Dickinson 5cc syringe and needle to draw blood from a patient known to be infected with HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus). Ms. Rockwood worked in…

Knowledge Development in Nursing

A philosophy of nursing should be all encompassing, with its foundation based upon core values and beliefs, while building upon experience. Medicine is often comprised of controversial ethical dilemmas where we must be advocates. In a study that examined the relationship between nurses and physicians it was determined that “Differences in values, communication, trust, and…

A clinical guide for nurse practitioners

Reflection is a method used in clinical practice, where one expresses the experiences from a given situation, thus helping to learn and improve skills by applying the knowledge gained for future practice (Cottrell, 2011 and Schon, 1984). It is my intention to use Driscoll (2007) model of reflection to present my understanding of the issues…

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