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Lincoln Flashcards Essay Examples

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Assassination of President Lincoln

Who killed Abraham Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth Who was with the president before he was shot? The first lady, and Major Rathbone and his wife Who was onstage when the president was shot? Harry Hawk Who else was attacked that night? As planned, Lewis Paine broke into Secretary of State William Seward’s home and stabbed…


Harriet Beecher Stowe author of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in which she highlighted the evils of slavery; she had strong religious beliefs against slavery; the South condemned her while the North supported her, creating a political split Hinton Helper author of “The Impending Crisis of the South”; he hated both slavery and blacks but claimed non-slave…

APUSH Chap 21

At the beginning of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln favored quick military action to show the folly of secession. Lincoln hoped that a Union victory at Bull Run would lead to the capture of the Confederate capital at Richmond. The South’s victory at Bull Run in 1861 reduced enlistments in the South’s army. In…



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APUSH Unit 5 Vocab 26-50

Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854) ended the peace established between the North and South by the Compromise of 1850. It was proposed by Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois and repealed the Missouri Compromise. The act enforced popular sovereignty upon the new territories but was opposed by Northern Democrats and Whigs. It was passed, however, because President Pierce…

North / South Conflicts, Abraham Lincoln, Civil War

Stephen A. Douglas A moderate, who introduced the Kansas-Nebraska Act in 1854 and popularized the idea of popular sovereignty. Popular Sovereignty The doctrine that stated that the people of a territory had the right to decide their own laws by voting. In the Kansas-Nebraska Act, popular sovereignty would decide whether a territory allowed slavery. Thirty-six,…

ch 15

Between the election of 1860 and his inauguration, Abraham Lincoln made serious attempts to reassure the South. At the start of the Civil War, Lincoln’s Secretary of State William Seward thought he could dominate Lincoln. Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Tennessee seceded when Lincoln … President Lincoln viewed secession as a rejection of democracy President…

APUSH Ch. 15

In the final days of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln insisted that the Confederacy had no legal right to exist. At the end of the Civil War, the number of slaves that emerged from bondage was almost 4 million. In 1865, Southern blacks defined “freedom” as an end to slavery and the acquisition of…

U.S. History Chapter 14

What effect did John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry have on the South? it indicated that abolitionists would use violence to overthrow slavery During their senatorial campaign debates, Stephen A. Douglas depicted Abraham Lincoln as an abolitionist who loved blacks What did the Wilmot Proviso of 1846 propose? Slavery would be prohibited throughout the entire…

Abraham Lincoln

Who was Abraham Lincoln? Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the U.S. in the time of the Civil War. What was it that made Abraham Lincoln succeed & become President? Everyone trusted Abe, & never doubted him! He was very disciplined and was self educated. He had become a lawyer through this self study….

History Quiz 1/15/15

What did pro slavery supporters do early in the struggle to win Kansas? invaded Kansas to control the election through fraud and intimidation What happened when the first territorial legislature in Kansas met? Legislators enacted tough proslavery laws What was the result of Preston Brook’s caning of Massachusetts senator Charles Summer? It further inflamed sectional…


Which lists Abraham Lincoln’s career achievements in the correct order? Illinois state legislator, member of House of Representatives, US president How would the early Republican Party have felt about the Dred Scott decision? It would have opposed it because it weakened free labor. A similarity between the views of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas was…

Chapter 14

In the aftermath of Lincoln’s election to the presidency in 1860, southerners feared that following? Lincoln would break his promise and interfere with slavery where it existed. The movement toward secession in the winter of 1860-1861 proceeded the most rapidly in the Deep South At which of the following points did the states of the…

Chapter 15

In the final days of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln A. insisted that the Confederacy had no legal right to exist. At the end of the Civil War, the number of slaves in the United States was D. three-and-a-half million. In 1865, Southern blacks defined “freedom” as C. land reform. In 1865, Southern whites…

Abraham Lincoln

War Between the States (1861) – War between the United States of America (Union) and the Confederate States of America First Battle of Bull Run (1861) – July 21, 1861- First major battle of the Civil War, in which untrained Northern troops and civilian picnickers fled back to Washington. This battle helped boost Southern morale…

APUSH Chapter 19

Stephen A. Douglas Senator from Illinois who ran for president against Abraham Lincoln. Wrote the Kansas-Nebreaska Act and the Freeport Doctrine John Brown John Brown was a militant abolitionist that took radical extremes to make his views clear. In May of 1856, Brown led a group of his followers to Pottawattamie Creek and launched a…

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