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Effects Of Bush’s Foreign Policies

It is not without reason that analysts and scholars alike find Bush’s foreign policy to be alienating the united states in the international system and practicing unilateralism when making key international decisions. Key to these policies is what has come to be referred to as “Bush Doctrine”; this is to denote the nature of President’s…

Birth Customs and Effects

A little over a century ago families had limited choices when giving birth. With the current technology available families tend to choose the cultural norm which can influence the psychological affects on the family. European countries tend to prefer a midwife to assist with birth without the use of painkillers. The Far East also deters…

The effects of culture on the process of international negotiation

There has been an increasing trend in the interdependence between culture and the way international business negotiations are done and the outcome of such negotiations. This paper is going to review the influence of culture on the process and outcome of business negotiations internationally. The paper will first introduce the concept of culture and the…



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Cultural Effects of Hurricane Katrina

Anyone familiar with New Orleans will not fail to passionately describe to you one of its great rich culture – Jazz! That New Orleans is the cradle of Jazz in the world is an undisputable fact. Yes, Jazz was born in this part of the world in the late 1800’s before spreading to other parts…

Greenhouse Effects

The discovery of the greenhouse effect was done by Joseph Fourier in 1824. However, the initial reliable scientific experimentation of the phenomenon was by John Tyndall in 1858. The qualitative reporting of greenhouse effect was done in 1896 by (Businger and Fleagle, P. 56). The greenhouse effect is the phenomenon where light from the sun…

Global Warming: Causes, Effects and Possible Measures

Global warming is the term used to describe some of the drastic changes that are taking place in the earth’s climatic conditions. Over the recent years, the term global warming has been the subject of much debate and different people have come up with different views regarding this subject. While many people continue to hold…

Media the Fashion Trend Setter and its Effects on Youth

How the youth define and shape their culture depends largely on societal influences. Mass or electronic media, considered as the most powerful tool in communication today, primarily set the trend in the culture of fashion. There are many diverse channels for fashion information and influences. Magazines and fashion television are mass disseminators of ideas and…

Porn Addiction: Causes And Effects

Porn addiction is one of the current problems brought about by the advancement in the information technology sector. Like other addictions, addiction to porn exhibits some common signs and follow a similar pattern as other addiction to substances and drugs. Addiction to pornography can be seen when one spends more time engrossed with a pornographic…

Global Warming and its Effects

There is no doubt that our world has been warming up. Eleven out of the past twelve years, that is, 1995 to 2006, have been ranked among the twelve “warmest years since 1850 (“Global Environmental Outlook 4,” 2007). ” Humans did not keep systematic records of temperature before 1850; nevertheless, scientists are confident that there…

Global Warming: Causes and Effects

This is a situation where there is a pronounced relative increase in the average temperature on the surface of the earth alongside with the core ocean body temperature. The occurrence was noted about the middle of 20th century with grave progression of economic and geographical impacts on the universe. Introduction Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,…

Green House Effects

In the past days and years the question about nuclear waste as a means of dealing with green house effects have been very common and it might need some form of ethical answers such as justice and equity. But so many questions normally rise from this argument which brings forth the discussion of whether the…

The Effects on GPA

The academic performance of high school students always constitute a major source of concern for educational practitioners as a result, any factor that could potentially improve this performance is worth considering (Everson and Roger, 2005). The importance of high school education derives from the fact that it provides an essential platform for academic and non…

Actual and Perceived Inner City Families

Normally, poverty results to poor educational background. A poor family can hardly send their children to school. The situation results to high rate of illiteracy in poor communities in terms of formal education. Aside from that, poor educational background makes an individual difficult to find job due to poor qualifications. Children who belong to poor…

Effects of cyber ego on morality

When one is in a virtual environment for long, one soon becomes convinced that the cyber space world is the real world which is the turning point in his life after which everything turns against him. This virtual world that is mistaken to be the real world is a parallel world that one is in….

Effects of Mass Media

The benefits that the society gets from mass media have undeniably led to the heavy reliance of people to media for information and entertainment. While the society perceives the media information as either real or important, the media shapes the values and culture of people into an entirely new concept that always end up to…

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