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Bible Essay Examples

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The Similarities between Judaism and Christianity

A question that has been raised throughout history is what is a person’s relationship with God? The answer to this is that each person’s relationship with God is unique. A majority of people look to God for answers. People are in search of understanding life and the happenings that surround them. When things go wrong,…

Bibilical Illusions With The Novel Cry

Biblical reference within the story Cry the Beloved Country Many times in literary pieces, allusions are put in novels, used to foreshadow the ending of a book. The most common types of allusions are those from the bible. This is probably because many are familiar with the bible and its stories. The goal of foreshadowing…

Essay question answers on Jeremiads and Puritans

1. Characteristics of a Jeremiad are sorrow, complaining, mournfulness, and bitter lamentation. Mary Rowlandson’s text functions as a jeremiad by quoting scripture from the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah. It also contains the characteristic I have mentioned before. Rowlandson laments over the sinfulness of her community, while quoting scripture to justify the punishments as from…



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Galileo Letter Analysis

In paragraph D, Galileo explains how he has discovered the truth that the Sun is motionless in the center of the universe and that Earth revolves around it. He then states that he supports his theory and disagrees with the beliefs of Ptolemy and Aristotle, but can prove with many counter arguments why his beliefs…

The Diminishing Influence of Biblical Values

Psalm 33:22: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” America as a nation is supposed to be serving God in everything that we do, and also bringing any problem we have to him; in return, God will bless us as a nation….

“Flight 063” by Brian Aldiss

The poem Flight 063 by Brian Aldiss compares the business flight 063 to Icarus grand flight. Aldiss shows a different side of Icarus, showing the bright side of him, his flight, rather than about his great fall. While talking about Icarus flight, Aldiss talks about corporate men flying high over the Arctic Circle, without a…

“Dialogue with Trypho” by Justin Martyr

In his work “Dialogue with Trypho” Justin Martyr in a form of a dialogue presents the views quite contrary to what it is usually taught. A well-known idea of Jews being the chosen nation favored by God is rejected. Justin Martyr is trying to find logic underneath God’s wrath, and his line of argumentation, based…

Anne Bradstreet’s “Here Follows Some Verses upon the Burning of Our House”

Anne Bradstreet’s “Here Follows Some Verses upon the Burning of Our House” is a perfect example of Puritan writing. Her faith and values are made apparent within the first ten lines of the poem. The poem is entirely about Anne’s thoughts as she watches her house burn. She makes the readers feel as though they…

The importance of moral values

What is the importance of moral values or life long lessons to a young adolescent? The majority of our youth in America know very little about this question. The behavior of children in this society proves that my question is hardly even a subject of importance. Today, the violence and crimes in this nation mostly…

Faith Diversity

This paper will look and examine four diverse faiths: Christianity, Buddhism, Rastafarianism and Islam spiritual perspective on healing. In Christianity, prayer is a way that a person can stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Health is viewed by having a strong spiritual relationship with the Lord and living one’s life by the word of God….

Gift of Magi Analysis

The short story “The Gift of the Magi” uses elements from “How to Read Literature Like a Professor” in chapter 7 called “…Or the Bible.” The short story includes biblical references concerning the main theme of sacrifice and the gifts from the heart. The story also includes references to people from the Christian bible. Starting…

Comparing the Book of Job to Ecclesiastes

The Old Testament is often viewed as a creaky, incomprehensible tome, full of history, violence and a wrathful, bombastic God. Often, it is used as a manual: This is what God wants, this is what would displease the Creator, and so on and so forth. There are two particular books of the Old Testament, Job…

Christian and Secular Counseling with a Bible Word Study Basis

Abstract In order to arrive at a clearer view of Christian counseling, this paper examines the similarities and differences between secular and Christian counseling. It begins with a biblical word study to establish a basis for Christian counseling. The words counsel, comfort, and wisdom are examined in both the Old and New Testament. The Biblical…

Inerrancy of the Bible

The inerrancy of the word of God has a specific definition. This definition denotes that once all fact to which the Bible refers become known, it will be proved that the correct interpretation of the Bible is completely accurate. This inerrancy of the Bible carries through to all subsequent translations of the text, as long…

Bible as Literature

One of the central arguments of the Old Testament book Genesis is its credibility as a historical account. Nobody may never really know if the events written in this book actually happened or not, especially parts (or chapters) where hints of culture and detailed places can be read. Except maybe chapters 1 and 2 which…

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